Wednesday, November 01, 2006

'Twas a Chilly Morn

Despite the glorious sunshine that I awoke to, the walk to work this morning was a tad on the chilly side. This was mostly due to wearing only a t-shirt, but slightly compounded by the shoesless nature of my walk.

How long am I going to last? I'm allready a month further than I expected, and tomorrow completes my fourth consecutive month barefoot. But will I reach December? Will I make it to my birthday on the 17th of December? Will I be able to walk barefoot to Church on Christmas Day? I doubt it, but the challenge is set and I push forward the boundaries of my barefoot existance and defeat the propaganda by Nike etc. that I need shoes.


Yellow said...

Well I've just seen a bunch of medics walking round campus in very little more than a sheet...

In about an hour they'll all be queuing for a taxi and presumably treating each other for hyperthermia

nickbailey said...

I too saw the same spectical. What was odd was that none of them had bare feet, not sandals for that matter - lightweights.