Friday, March 06, 2015

Warm this weekend? Why not head out without your shoes...

The MetOffice are forecasting a first* taste of spring this coming weekend. Finally, after a fairly lengthy winter we are going to be rewarded with some warmth. I'm looking forward to it and getting out in the sunshine.

But what is more glorious than simply being outside in that first warmth of the year - that day when you wear only a t-shirt and yet still feel warm? Doing it without your shoes. Yes, there is little nicer than letting your feet loose outside, especially if they've been cooped up indoors and/or shod all winter. Get them out, on the grass and in the puddles or mud. Stretch your toes and enjoy spring at last.

Enjoy the day and may you put your best bare foot forward!

* after that crazy warmth right back at the beginning of January.


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cold Feet? Try Removing Your Socks First.

Nowadays I must admit that I am not a full time barefooter. I don't want to let you down, but that is the case. However, still I find myself frequently shoeless for all sorts of reasons, most of the sorts of reasons that I took it up for in the first place.

This morning I woke up and dressed my feet as typical these days, and as today is a little chillier than expected I popped on some thick socks for warmth. But just a few hours later and my feet had decended into a deep chill. Perhaps it being a Saturday I'm only padding round the house rather than cycling anywhere so my feet have not really been doing much work and as such not keeping themselves warm. Never-the-less there they were with nice supposedly thick socks on for warmth yet feeling frozen.

The solution I have learnt for this is to whip of the socks. It seems somewhat counter intuitive - reduce their thermal insulation and my feet will be warmer? Yet this is exactly what happened. One of the top advantages of my solid barefoot days was the complete lack of cold feet (and cold hands come to think of it). They just were warm all the time, especially in bed. These days of shodness my feet are frequently back to their cold ways. However, take of my coverings exposing the skin to the cold and they feel so much warmer.

So go on - liberate your feet from their surroundings and feel the warmth, even in the cold (it's kind of what they're designed for).

Cold feet? Shead those socks


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Barefoot DIY

Doing a bit of renovation at home and discovered that barefoot is a great way to accomplish this. Not only are feet easier to clean than socks and less messy than shoes (we don't have shoes indoors due to Asian tendencies) but you can utilise toes for grabbing hold of pieces of skirting board as you saw them at 45 degrees without using a specialist tool. Perhaps I should get one of those angled cutting guides, but this worked just as well.

Sawing barefoot? What could possibly go wrong.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hobbits Bare Feet

I watched the new Hobbit film last night and was pleased to see some rather good barefoot action from the hobbits. I guess this is to be expected considering their penchant for going barefoot (probably due to the oversized nature of them). However, even still there was running and jumping on jagged rocks and across icy surfaces. Well done to Martin Freeman and the rest for the hours of makeup they must have put in to get their feet on.

Good barefoot action in The Hobbit - Battle of The Five Armies

Friday, November 28, 2014

Barefoot Friday

It was particularly nice to be working from home and keep my shoes at bay for the day. One of the principal reasons I'm not barefoot these days is that I cycle 5 miles into work and for that I appreciate my SPD clip-in cycle shoes (on my top recommended A530 pedals). When I get to work I've also been told that going around barefoot is not acceptable (which is a great shame) but I still manage to slip off my SPD shoes when we're going out for lunch, as walking around in cleats is quite annoying.

I now have toasty warm evening feet as a result.