Friday, November 17, 2006

Singing in the Rain

Ha ha! Suck you shoe people!

It's been pouring down all day here in Southampton (making me slightly nervous about my walk tomorrow) and I've been loving it. There are all these people out there trying despirately to avoid all the puddle and streams byt perfomring some ritual rain dance in the hope of keeping their feet dry. But they should know it's pointless, whenever you walk about in rain, shoes allways get wet. This is the natural law. Umbrellas are designed not to shelter your feet.

So go barefoot. You can splash freely thought the deepest leaf covered puddles safe in the knowledge that you can't get any wetter than you are already and that feet dry in minutes compared to the days of airing that shoes take.

So I'm really looking forward to my walk home. Yes, it is a tad chilly, but they soon warm up when indoors and you also get this rush of blood to the feet - instant central heating.

Go on, loose the shoes. I dare you.

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