Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Piece of Glass: 0, My Bare Feet: 1

Ha! I laugh in the face of glass.

On Monday for the first time in my barefoot history (4 months and a week) I got a piece of glass in my foot. One of the questions I get asked most is "don't you find that you get cut on glass all the time?" to which I answer no. They also like to ask if I frequently step in dog poo, to which I also answer no - this question is a tad strange, as it seems to suggest the assumption that not having shoes on makes one more likely to step in poo! Quite why this should be is a mystery to me. When shod I perhaps accidentally step in poo once a year, and I'm not expecting that rate to increase now I'm barefoot.

Anyway, back to the glass:

I'm not sure when I picked it up, but when I went to Chaplaincy for lunch I noticed a small pain in my heal, very localized as if I'd just stepped on a stone. I checked my soles and found nothing stuck on the bottom so continued, occasionally feeling this small pain.

Back at my desk I had a proper look and noticed a small fisher right where the pain sensations were coming from (my nerve endings are still top notch which is nice to see). But I left it there deciding to investigate with my Leatherman later, as walking still wasn't a problem.

Later at home I got out my Leatherman blade and started a Time Team style excavation of my heal to find out what was there. I dug away at the toughened skin either side of the fisher to reveal it's lurking contents - something darkish which hurt when prodded. I called in my housemate Adele with her tweasers to extract the forigen body - a small, millimeter square shard of glass burried a mm into my heal. Out it came and the problem was solved, no more pain and no blood as it had not penegtrated my well worn heal - nice.

So that means that the soles of my feet are at least 2 mm thick and can easily ward of glass - brilliant :)

Feet rock!

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