Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Barefoot Christmas

Made it, Christmas day barefoot. Church was lovely without shoes on this morning - lots of fun conversations, and the rest of the day was spent in my lovely warm family home so my feet were most useful acting as a cooling system.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shod at Last

Dear people, it saddens me to tell you that for the past two days I have walked into work in sandals. No socks mind, but sandals none the less. Winter has finally got it's act together and arrived (just under a week early).

For a special treat on my Birthday I popped on a pair of socks (which subsequently made my feet get really cold as they got a bit damp meaning I had to take them off again!). This had the annoying disadvantage of not being able to go outside so easily. And when I went for a quick cycle in my SPD shoes I found I couldn't take them off as I had socks on underneath that can't take the outside world like my soles can. Hmm... barefoot is a massive advantage sometimes.

All is not lost however as I'll still be taking my sandals off in the day and walking round the Uni campus free and footloose, if slightly chilly.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Winter? Piff!

It is quite definitely mid December, and while it is technically not winter yet (begins on the 21st), it is getting colder at last. This week I put my scarf on for the first time - a joy I've looked forward to ever since I discovered scarfs. But still no shoes - how rare.

Honestly, today was actually nice to be out without shoes on. I walked a number of places and, though felt the cold, did not get cold feet. I was also walking round in a t-shirt and jerkin, so it wasn't a blizzard out there. But I was still surprised and excited. I should make my 25th birthday shoeless!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Still Doin' It

Quite what's going on, be it global warming or an automotive response, but I'm still barefoot and it's now December the 4th!!

What is going on? Back in October I had a really cold day and though my barefoot days were numbered. But then it got a bit mild and the threat eased. November came and still no shoes. But December? Surly not. Yet here I am.

The mornings can sometimes be a little chilly, and wet pavement is a little uncomfortable, but otherwise the days are fine. Granted, my walk into work is only 7 minutes, which does helps, but on Saturday I walked all round Portswood for about 3 hours and was fine (it also breifly thundered and poured down which was nice to walk through).

Will I make my Birthday (17th? - walk barefoot into my 25th year), or Christmas? Exciting...

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