Friday, September 29, 2006

Morning Foot Cramp

This is just one of the strangest things I've come across barefooted, foot cramp. At first I was worried that I'd injured my feet (especially following my two summer marathons) as when I woke in the morning I found I was hobbling for the first few minutes of the day. But when this persisted long after my walks had been and gone I realised it was something else, something much more normal and everyday.

You must know the experience some days when you wake and find that your hands are all scrunched up and completely useless for a while, like it almost hurts to open them out. Well it's exactly the same thing, but as I'm actually using my feet to manipulate things and giving them a load of exercise in the day times (griping curb stones with my toes etc.) I have foot cramp each morning. It's really wonderful as it shows that I'm actually making use of my feel as something more than just stumps for walking on.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Barefoot Crete

I'm barefooting a little round Crete with my Family.

So far I'd give it a rating of 3.5 on the difficulty rating (from 1-5). It's very rocky and stony in a lot of places that make travel somewaht tentative. The major cities are quiet easy, however, with relativly little glass and quite little free. Cirtainly the touristy bits are very well cleaned. What glass there is tends to be very tiny rounded bits rather than the freshly smashed bottles which are much more of a problem.

There is also a lot of sea around (it beaing an island and all), and it's such a joy not to have to worry about putting on shoes after swimming on a beach as the sand wears off in it's own time on the way home. Nice.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Nasty Little Tizard Man

I've just been acosted again walking down my corridor at work (Tizard Building, Soton Uni) by this nasty litte man who must be part of the ISVR as he was talking to some other ISVR person. He's got the sort of face that looks as though it's been screwed up through years of complaining and being angry at people.

Again he goes "Excuse me, what are you doing? Your not allowed to be in bare feet at work".

This time, however, I'd done some research with the Uni Health and Safety department and found that there were no restrictions on what should be warn on your feet while at work. There is for working in labs, but not otherwise. So I told him so - "Actually I checked with the Uni H&S and found there is no problem".

"Well" he said, "I'll make it a problem".

What a lovely man.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Slightly Beardless

I'm afraid I have some bad news...

While at Greenbelt I was moved to shave my beard off and so now I'm left with just some stubble (the closest I could get with my electric clippers).

It was Monday, the final day of the festival, and I'd been challenged through out about spiritual, and ethical matters. I'd been to good seminars and heard some great music. I'd also spent some quality time with my youth group and SCM group as well as briefly fleetingly meeting many other friends around and about the Cheltenham Racecourse. All in all it had been a packed festival and as ever I was less than willing to leave this community behind.

But something more than this was at work. I was in need of making a break with the state I'd been in for some time. I was quite unaware of this, well, unaware that I was going to deal with anything there and then. But as one of my friends that I'd barely said hello to left to go home early, I was left with a sense of loss and missed oppertunity. But instead of feeling low I felt it was time to sit down and pray.

So I took myself off to the Soul Space which has a fabulous view over the entire race course and pretty much broke into tears as soon as I entered that environment. There were a number of other people there, some quietly praying while others gently weaped. It felt like a place of healing and as I nelt and cried and prayed I did my busniess with God.

I know this may sounds all a little silly to anyone outside of faith, and I'm afraid I can't really explain what was going on - mainly becasue I was unaware of it - but when I left I'd concluded a small section of my life and embarked on a new one.

Hence loosing the beard. Shaving it off was a little outward symbol of this movement from old to new. Nothing dramatic, just a return. Beards can be useful for this.

I'm sure I'll comment further on this event as I understand it more.