Monday, August 04, 2008

Barefooting down a Korean mountain

Yesterday I hiked up Baegundae mountain just north of Seoul, South Korea. I went up in my hiking boots (only their second time on a real mountain). Walking up we passed a couple walking down barefoot, carrying their shoes. I was a bit jealous.

The whole ascent was breathtaking and the views at the top were superb. We had a snack of kimbap (rice rolls, like sushi) on the summit rock and I decided to take of my shoes.

We then climbed down the mountain taking a different route to the way up. I was thinking I'd have to re-shoe myself when I got to the first stream. But instead Suyeon decided to take her shoes off as well. So there we both were hiking down this mountain barefoot. Awesome!

Today my feet feel quite different. Not in pain as such, but certainly they feel alive.


John said...

I only recently found your blog and have enjoyed following your stories. I was inspired to try. This weekend I went barefoot for the first time, no exceptions. I think I over did it, I did a 12 mile walk, plus sundry in and out of shops, pubs etc but every step was a sensation. In the pub I met a man like me dressed in smart casual but barefoot, and not just a "kicked off the shoes for the beer garden", but proper blackened "I 've walked the streets like this" colour. I walked on a newly tarred road (hot) and got a very black patina. I loved it. I was quite drunk when I started and hungover the first full day, which helped me feel less self conscious but I'm going to try again. A little microcosm of your story. If you're still barefoot post again.

Nick Bailey said...

Wow, John, what an awesome story. You did a 12 mile walk your first time? Incredible! I hope you've been berating again since (I've only just found how to view my comments which is why I've only seen this now). I'm less barefoot than I was as I cycle commute these days in SPD's, but still kick off the shoes when I can.

May your feet be always warm!