Saturday, March 31, 2007

Barefoot Doctor Who

I've just very much enjoyed the start of the of the new Doctor Who series on BBC this evening. The new assistant Martha Jones is rather lovely and I do like David Tennant as the doctor. But what really tickled me pink was seeing the Doctor barefoot! Is my influence spreading that quickly?


spleenal said...

I thought the whole running around a big building you can't get out of barefoot was a nod towards Die Hard. But then again I can't see Russel T Davis being into DSie Hard that much.

spleenal said...

Sorry me again I just read what your job is "studying the consequences for humanity of an asteroid impact." wow!
I guess the first consequence for the humans just under the asteroid when it hits is that they get really flat really quick.

nickbailey said...

Was he barefoot in Die Hard?

I have to say that a hospital is one place that I've not been barefoot so far, but that's only because I've not been ill and needed to go there.

Actually I tell a bit of a lie as I went to stay with my doctor friend on the Isle of Wight and did walk through St. Mary's barefoot.

My research is pretty cool. If you take a look at my photo blog there is a link to the New Scientist article about my research (shameless plug).

Thanks for stopping by :)