Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Barefoot Meeting in the Stag's Head

How completely wonderful. I've just spent a lovely hour in the Stag's Head (a rare event for me) talking to not one but two other local barefooters!! I went from work to celebrate a friends birthday with a pint in the bar and it turned out to be karioke night. The first guy was fairly crap, but the second was pretty good - singing Meat Loaf. As we were half watching I noticed two girls also barefoot, very wierd I tought. I was going to go up and say hello untill my nexdoor housemate Ben pointed out their two rather large boyfriends. They would surly have 'had me'. So I didn't say anything.

But low and behold the Meat Loaf singer was also not wearing shoes. Mysteriouser and mysteriouser. A little later he walked past and I said hello. We introduced each ourselves and found out that he was a real barefooter. Furthermore I noticed an IXTHUS arm band and enquired about his church activities - turns out he's the ABC barefooter that I'd heard roumers of. He's a true hard core barefooter, has been for 5 years and actually realised he didn't like wearing shoes back in college.

All very exciting. And then he goes and introduces me to his friend who's been barefoot a year while still at college!

So we chatted and I asked him many things about his feet - even had a prod - as he's the first barefooter I've actually met in person. I'm afrid it's given new encouragement to me going barefoot for longer. I know some of you were thinking / hoping that I'd give it up come winter, but I'm afrid you might be dissapointed. Barefooting is great, its too fun not to do, and when I don't (as I have been wareing sandles of late) I miss the interesting feeling and textures of the ground.

I now can't wait for my first proper off-road wilderness barefoot walk.

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Neil said...

I really wish i had the time/confidence to go barefoot. :-)

Sounds like a very cool thing to try.