Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sneeked in a New Year Footing

Here's an idea for next year - a barefoot Hogmanay.

I have to say that despite no longer being a full barefooter I did happen to sneak one in this evening on my way home from my New Year trip to Wales. I'd been for a walk through some serious bogs and had pretty wet feet (my Burghaus shoes are nearly at their end). So as I drove home to Cheltenham I gradually removed my shoes and socks at opportune moments enabling my feet to gradually dry out. I also prefer barefoot driving as you can fully enjoy the warm air on the feet setting.

One the M5 just outside Tewkesbury the call of nature became more of a shout and so I pulled in to the services. 'course without my shoes and socks on what was I to do? Put my wet shoes back on? No! So I nipped in through the cold carpark shoeless. It felt great. Cold, but somewhat liberating.

Happy New Year people!

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