Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shod at Last

Dear people, it saddens me to tell you that for the past two days I have walked into work in sandals. No socks mind, but sandals none the less. Winter has finally got it's act together and arrived (just under a week early).

For a special treat on my Birthday I popped on a pair of socks (which subsequently made my feet get really cold as they got a bit damp meaning I had to take them off again!). This had the annoying disadvantage of not being able to go outside so easily. And when I went for a quick cycle in my SPD shoes I found I couldn't take them off as I had socks on underneath that can't take the outside world like my soles can. Hmm... barefoot is a massive advantage sometimes.

All is not lost however as I'll still be taking my sandals off in the day and walking round the Uni campus free and footloose, if slightly chilly.


Chris said...

Don't be sad for yourself (or for us) Nick...I am enjoying hearing about your barefoot journey...two bad things about winter barefooting in the UK: The comments of others and the salt they throw around station platforms to assist the grip of the shod.


nickbailey said...

Indeed! I came across the salt problem just this last week. While predominantly shot these days I still like to sneak in some barefooted days. And this week they'd salted all the footpaths round the university. Most annoying indeed!