Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ISVR Police

I just got caught again for barefooting upstairs on the ISVR floor and told off. A different guy this time at least.

I was using the ISVR kitchen (called Franks) where I heat up my pre-cooked lunches. Stupidly though today I was simply boiling water for a Nong Shim instant noodle which I could have done upstairs.

So this guy says "your not allowed to go round without shoes on". I turn round and say "excuse me?" as, not knowing who I was, he didn't say "Oi you without shoes, stop it". So I said that according to health and safety I was fine and so he went to get the ISVR health and safety officer! Busted!

That guy was quite nice, and said laid down the rule said it wasn't allowed in 'our building'. Naturally I enquired as to who's building it was. He said ISVR, and I alerted him to the knowledge that Aerospace is here too. This took the line of questioning to why I was in Franks if I wasn't ISVR ad away from my bare feet (I think he sensed a defeat when I didn't come under his duristriction). I explained th lack of microwave in our facilities due to the shit building design. Thankfully he never noticed that I wasn't actually using the microwave! Phew :)

It looks like I might have to wear my slippers to lunch from now. But otherwise the battle continues.


LeCrawf said...

Dont give in nick!

Fight for your right to no shoes!

nickbailey said...

Hay! thanks for the comment Matt! I shall keep up the fight.